About us

Tick Tack Taxi is a modern Prague taxi service and a leader among operators of first-class and transparent taxi services.

For our taxi services the company utilises a unified fleet of luxurious vehicles under two brands: TICK TACK in the luxury limousine segment offering Audi A6 + Škoda Kodiaq cars and GREEN PRAGUE as a premium quality taxi service in the segment of eco-friendly vehicles, using mid-size Škoda Octavia cars.

Premium brand TICK TACK operates a fleet of luxury vehicles AUDI A6 and ŠKODA KODIAQ. In this luxury limousine segment we offer transportation by vehicles equipped with leather seats. Other services include internet free of charge and water for passengers. Our customers can always rely on assistance from our drivers with getting into the car (opening the door, helping with luggage) as well as on guarantee of cleanliness and fair transparent charging for the journey that can be immediately checked by the passenger.

Modern eco-friendly brand GREEN PRAGUE will appeal to customers with its fleet of top-class vehicles ŠKODA OCTAVIA G-TEC CNG. GREEN PRAGUE offers to customers EVEN MORE FAVOURABLE PRICES and transparent fair services with a guarantee of quality and outstanding service. GREEN PRAGUE vehicles offer passengers the most modern clean interior. The service also includes wi-fi free of charge and passengers are taken care of by a trained uniformed driver.

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